3 Different Types of Patio Doors

The patio door is most often the secondary entrance to your home and the doors are generally considered much differently than the front or main entrance to the home. For this reason, the types of doors often associated with the patio are quite different. Today’s patio doors are manufactured in one of three different types; swinging door, bifold and sliding glass doors.

Each one of the three types of doors has number advantages and disadvantages that should be looked at closely before you make a big decision and purchase some for your building project. The cost of each of the types of doors will depend on a number of factors including size, brand/model and the other parts of a door.

types of patio doors

Swinging Patio Door – These doors come in many different varieties including French Doors and can be made from a number of different materials and styles. The French Door is one of the most popular of the Swinging style patio door as it provides a functional entrance to the house off the back patio. The swinging door also comes in a single door configuration that can be solid or fitted with window panes for a decorative and functional look.

Bi-fold Patio Door – Bi-fold Patio Doors are unique in that they have multiple panels that fold up just like an accordion. They usually feature four to 8 separate panels that can fully open up an entire wall depending on the installation. The bi-fold door gives your access to your outside area a more modern, classy look and is also extremely energy efficient. They can be found in several different materials similar to the swinging door.

Sliding Glass Patio Door – The Sliding Glass Door is the most popular of all the patio doors. This type of door provides the most unobstructed view as compared to the other two choices. They also let in the most natural light into the house when compared to a swinging door or bi-fold door. They are also very easy to maintain as well as being extremely easy to keep clean.

What materials are they made out of?

The patio door, much like the front entrance door can be found in a number of different materials and decorative styles. Each of the different materials that you can choose come with some advantages and disadvantages that you will need to see for yourself. Depending on the manufacturer and the type of door you choose, patio doors can be found made from the following materials; Wood, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Vinyl and Wood Cladding. For doors in Chicago, you’ll want beefier construction and vinyl or fiberglass rather than wood (can warp) or aluminum (not a good insulator).

Wood – The wood patio door has the same appeal as the all wood front door and can be found in a number of different wood species, grain, and color.

Aluminum – Patio door made from aluminum are lightweight, durable and very energy efficient. They can be colored matched in order to fit with a wide range exterior finishes.

Fiberglass – Fiberglass patio doors are a good choice for those homeowners who want the look of real wood, but would much rather not have all of the associated maintenance. Fiberglass also resists chipping, scratches, and weathering, unlike real wood doors.

Vinyl – Patio doors made from vinyl are the generally the most cost-effective of all the materials because the color won’t fade over time, they won’t rot, chip or peel.

Wood Cladding – Wood Clad doors feature the best of both worlds, real wood beauty on the inside and durable vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum on the outside to protect it from the elements.