6 Reasons to Choose a Sliding Glass Patio Door

The sliding glass door was designed to look great from both inside and from outside house at the same time. With curb appeal being so important for a home’s value, you really should look into putting in a one for your patio door. They come in a number of widths and heights as to fit in with almost any interior design.

sliding patio door

The sleek lines and large panes of glass give the sliding glass door a great look both from the inside and out. Having a sliding glass door also allows the maximum amount of natural light into the room.

6 Reasons to Choose a Sliding Glass Patio Door

Better Energy Efficiency – For a number of reasons the all-glass feature of the glass sliding door lets in the maximum amount of natural light from outside. The large panels of tempered glass or energy efficient low E glass help to cut down on your energy bill by keeping out the heat of the summer and keeping the cold of the winter from getting inside.

Superior Protection from the Elements – While they feature two rather large panels of glass, sliding glass doors still can provide protection from the elements. The sturdy frame, composite on vinyl cladding helps to keep out the moisture. By preventing the buildup of moisture and water will help to ward off rot and mold.

Great for Curb Appeal – Curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of the exterior of your home. Nothing does a better job at improving the curb appeal of your home like a beautiful, large sliding glass door. The sleek look and feel of the two large panels of glass that are part of the sliding glass door. The sliding glass door provides a larger opening to make it easier for getting larger objects through it.

Smooth Gliding Operation – The glass sliding door features an ultra smooth opening and closing operation using high-strength nylon rollers. The sealed bearings of the rollers provide a noise-free and near maintenance-free operation with very little effort. The door glides across a single rail at the top and bottom which holds it securely in place. The action is so smooth you can easily open or close it with just one hand.

Unobstructed Access – Undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of choosing a sliding glass door over the other two options is that you don’t have to leave extra room in the house for the door to swing open. Since the full glass door slides open and closed, you can virtually put your furniture right up against the door. No need to worry about how to adjust your room layout to fit with a door that has to swing in or swing out.

Keeping your room cool – The spring and fall seasons are perfect times for letting the fresh air into the house. With a full-size screen installed, you can open the door wide open and with the screen closed you will have a great breeze coming in and at the same time keep out any bugs that might want to try and get in.