The Different Types of Exterior Doors

The exterior doors of the house are extremely important and whether you are doing remodeling of your current home and need to replace a few exterior doors or planning a new home and just want to know your options. There are many different types of doors and we have included 6 different types in this article.

types of exterior doors

There are also a number of different styles and finishes that can be used to customize any of the different types of doors we have listed and it will depend on the manufacturers and stores that you chose to buy from.

6 Different Types of Exterior Doors

Woods Entry Doors – If you are going to choose a wood door for your home you will need to be prepared for all of the work that goes along with keeping it looking nice. It will require regular painting and or staining in order to keep it looking nice. It is extremely susceptible to warping, rotting, and expansion due to the weather extremes. It is by far the most expensive type of entry door and you will to factor in all the maintenance costs when considering one.

Steel Entry Doors – Steel doors are one of the more popular types of exterior doors as they offer an amazing amount of curb appeal. They are highly customizable with a number of different finish options that make them a great choice. They are also extremely energy efficient as they have a foam core so they insulate really well to keep the cold out in the winter and heat out in the summer. They offer the least amount of overall maintenance, as they won’t warp, crack or rot. They are by far the strongest and offer the most amount of protection from intruders.

Fiberglass Entry Doors – Fiberglass entry doors also add a considerable amount of curb appeal and are also highly customizable. The energy efficiency is quite high since they too have a foam or insulated core to keep out the warm air in the summer and the cold air of the winter. They resist the rotting, warping and expansion problems associated with wood doors caused by the constant exposure to the extreme weather conditions. They don’t require a whole lot of maintenance to keep them looking great.

Storm Doors – The storm door which is quite popular in the midwestern states offers an extra level of protection from the elements and adds to the energy efficiency of the home. They can be made from a number of different materials such as; steel, aluminum, composite. They can also have a glass or screen insert or combination of both depending on the season.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors – The sliding glass patio door is one the least energy efficient of all of the different types of exterior doors due to the large panes of glass generate additional heat from the sun beating down on it and it has a tendency to radiate the cold from outside in the winter. These extremes will add to your heating and cooling bill and that should be a big consideration.

French Patio Doors – French Patio Doors, on the other hand, are actually much more energy efficient and depending on the type of material you choose can be one of the best choices of all the exterior doors due to their good looks, charm and they don’t really require all that much maintaining to continue to look good. They would even make a great option for a front door, that is if you have the type of entryway that can support that large of a front door.