Benefits of Steel Entry Doors

benefits of entry doorsWhen it comes to a house, the entry doors are extremely vital as they are the last line of defense against intruders who wish to get inside. For this reason, you should always choose the best type of doors with safety and security in mind. With so many options out there you need to know that there really is only one real choice in entry doors and that is one made from steel.

Today’s steel doors are so much different than used to be with much innovation and technology changes over the years. Steel doors are a combination of style, great looks, strength, and security all rolled into one package. By choosing to retrofit your current home’s entry doors with an all steel door or insist that your builder who is building your new home use all steel entry doors.

In this article, we will discuss 6 things that we have identified as benefits of switching over to all steel doors from the old-fashioned wood doors you currently are using. Below you will find six of the top benefits that we discovered when switching to all steel entry doors.

6 Benefits of Steel Entry Doors

Improved Curb Appeal – Curb appeal is extremely important as it will easily influence the overall value of your home just by simply replacing your old, worn out wooden door. Today’s steel entry doors have a whole lot of options to choose from in order to customize the look. You can add glass window panels and real looking wood grain textures to add to your curb appeal.

Steel Doors are Far More Durable – The high-strength steel that is used to construct today’s steel doors is strong enough to withstand the elements. Most steel doors manufactured today are made using 20-26 gauge steel plates. This reduces the likelihood that a steel door will experience warping, cracking or rotting.

Superior Energy Efficiency – Steel entry doors are much more energy efficient than traditional wooden doors as they feature a foam insulated core that is surrounded by the steel plates. Steel doors don’t let excessive amounts of warm or cold air to penetrate forcing AC or furnace to work harder in order to better regulate the temperature.

Improved Sense of Security – A steel entry door is far more secure than your typical wooden door. It adds several levels of security which will give you that extra sense of safety for you and your entire family. With your entry doors being the last line of defense against intruders you should have the best, most secure door possible.

Minimal Maintenance Required – Steel doors, unlike wooden doors don’t require regular maintenance. They will continue to look great throughout every season of the year and won’t show a bit of age or wear and tear.

Steel Doors are More Cost-Effective – The combination of lower price, lower maintenance, extra durability and much more energy all goes into making it much more cost-effective than any other type of entry door on the market today.